F. Bettonica en M. Melocchi - Cini & Nils - Cuboluce
Cuboluce – F. Bettonica en M. Melocchi – Cini & Nils

Article number c1019 The Cuboluce was designed in 1972 by Franco Bettonica and Mario Melocchi for Cini & Nils. The lamp has been a Design Classic ever since. It is a small square box of 10 x 10 cm. If … Continued

Lectuurbak - W. Gispen - Gebroeders van der Stroom
Magazine holder – W. Gispen – Gebroeders van der Stroom

Article number c1018 Black magazine rack Gispen 1022 designed by Willem Gispen in 1932. Made by the Gebroeders van der Stroom. A timeless, simple and playful design. Two in stock. Dimensions 38,5 x 15 x 38 cm (lxdxh) Period 30s … Continued

Hoge vloerlamp chromen bollen
High floor lamp with 2 chromium spheres

Article number c1013 High, vintage, chrome, floor lamp with two adjustable chrome balls. You can switch these chrome spheres independently on and of. The chrome balls can be rotated and are also adjustable in height. This high 70s floor lamp … Continued

Modular wall system – Pilastro – T. Reijenga
Pilastro modular wall system – T. Reijenga

Article number 5733a Vintage modular wall system from the 50s. This multicolored metal wall system was designed by Tjerk Reijenga for Pilastro (the Netherlands). It was regarded as a very modern piece of furniture. And it still is! A beautiful … Continued

80s floorlamp black and red
80s floor lamp black and red

Article number c1003 Playful 80s floor lamp in black with red detail. You can shape this floor lamp in many ways and it can reach far or high. We also sell from the same series a wall lamp. See wall … Continued

Lotus stoel - Rob Parry - Gelderland
Lotus chair – Gelderland – Rob Parry

Article number 6038 Armchair ‘model 1611’ designed by Rob Parry (the Netherlands) in 1952 is known as Lotus chair. This airy design combines comfort with transparency. The cushion is completly new and upholstered with a green woolen felt. This Lotus … Continued

lamp Tizio 50 - Artemide – R. Sapper
Desk lamp Tizio 50 – Artemide – R. Sapper

Article number c1009 In 1972 Richard Sapper (Germany) designed the Tizio lamp for Artemide (Italy). The Tizio is one of the first halogen desk lamps. Due to the two pivot points and tiltable shade, you can direct the light of … Continued

Green leather chair - knoll
Green leather swivel chair – Girsberger / Knoll International

Article number 5693 Green leather 60s swivel chair on a star-shaped metal base designed by Gerhard Schammer. This chair, inspired by a design by Saarinen, was produced under the series name Eurochair by Girsberger in collaboration with Knoll International for … Continued

Kapstok "mini vip" - Benanti & Brunori - Velca
Coat rack “mini vip” – Benanti & Brunori – Velca

Article number 5590 Italian design plastic 70s coat rack. The MINI VIP coat rack was designed in the 70s by Benanti and Brunori and produced by Velca (Italy). The (slightly discolored white) plastic and the round hooks are typical of … Continued

Colibri 2 - Sirrah - F. Albini, F. Halg & A. Piva
Colibri 2 – F. Albini, F. Halg & A. Piva – Sirrah

Article number c1002 Colibri 80s floor lamp designed by Franca Helg, Paolo Piva and Franco Albini for Sirrah (Italy). This Colibri floor lamp is halogen and has a dimmer. Ideal sleek designed floor lamp on the side of a sofa, … Continued

harmonica teak wandlamp
Teak harmonica wall light

Beautiful 50s wall lamp, scissor lamp. The teak frame can be pulled out till the max of 130 cm and pushed back in. This way you can get the lamp close if you want. You can also swivel the lamp … Continued

Geel groene glazen hanglamp
Yellow glass ufo shaped pendant – Danish

Article number 5699 This yellow glass hanging lamp in the shape of a UFO is an eye-catcher both switched on or off. Like a sun above the table. Brightens up any room! Probably Danish. Dimensions Ø 44 cm Hoogte: 20 … Continued