Advertisement Goed Wonen from 1959

’t Spectrum, founded in the middle of the Second World War, originated from fabric manufacturer De Ploeg. The contrast between the anarchist, committed company and the German occupier could not be greater. In the early years there was hardly any labor hierarchy within the company and the aim was to share ownership and profit. In the early years, production was forced to produce small bags, wooden bowls and toys.

In 1954 Martin Visser was appointed as head of design. Around this time, more metal became available on the market and Visser designed his famous sofa bed BR02.7 made of tubular steel.

Visser also attracted external designers such as graphic artist Constant Nieuwenhuys, designers Benno Premsela and Kho Liang Ie and architect Gerrit Rietveld.

Although the appearance of ‘t Spectrum was rather industrial until the end of the sixties, Visser had a preference for handmade furniture; as a result, ‘t Spectrum’s seating and storage products were always finely crafted and often too expensive for the mass market.

In the early 1970s, when cheaper, foreign products created stiff competition, the directors of ‘t Spectrum decided to liquidate the company. However, some employees wanted to continue; and so they opened a smaller production outfit called Arspect, selling a small number of ‘t Spectrum pieces alongside new designers. Unable to weather financial difficulties in the 1980s, Arspect closed down as well; but luckily another former employee of ’t Spectrum bought the original design licenses from the 1960s and founded Spectrum, as it is now known, in Eindhoven.

View some of our products from ‘t Spectrum here:

knalblauwe nieuw gestoffeerde slaapbank martin visser voor spectrum met ronde chromen buis
Blue sofabed – ‘t Spectrum – Martin Visser

Article number 7472 Martin Visser sofabed br02.7 produced by ‘t Spectrum. With new hr foam and also new upholstery. We’ve choosen the woolen fabric by Camira,it is a woolen fabric with a special, but subtle structure in a beautiful blue … Continued

Visser slaapbank br03 Spectrum zwart metalen frame inclusief kussen
Sofa bed br03 – ‘t Spectrum – Martin Visser

Article number 7473 Martin Visser sofa bed br03 produced by ‘t Spectrum. With new hr foam and also new upholstery. The sofabed has a square, black metal frame. And you can turn this sofa into a bed, by simply pulling … Continued

Martin Visser slaapbank BR03 met armleuning nieuw gestoffeerd Kvadrat Hallingdal Perla
Martin Visser sofabed br03 – ‘t Spectrum

Article number 7441 Martin Visser sofabed br03 produced by ‘t Spectrum. With new hr foam and also new upholstery. We’ve choosen the woolen fabric by Kvadrat from the Perla 2.2 series. This fabric is designed by the Dutch artist Frans … Continued

Visser sofa bed br03 Martin Visser ‘t Spectrum
Sofa bed br03 – Spectrum – Martin Visser

Article number 7440 Visser sofa bed br03. Martin Visser’s Iconic Dutch Design Designed for ‘t Spectrum in the early 60s. This model with a black metal square frame is one of the first versions of this Visser sofa bed. With … Continued

Visser slaapbank spectrum ronde chromen buis creme
Light gray sofabed br02.7 – Martin Visser – ‘t Spectrum

Article number 7397 Discover the versatile sofa bed by Martin Visser. This sofa bed model br02.7 was designed by Visser in the early 60s for Spectrum and is the perfect combination of style and functionality. This timeless design classic offers … Continued

Groen gele slaapbank – Martin Visser – ‘t Spectrum
Kiwi Green sofa bed br03 – Martin Visser – ‘t Spectrum

Article number 7168 The Martin Visser sofa bed is an iconic design from the early 60s. Martin Visser designed this classic for ‘t Spectrum (the Netherlands). The design of this sofa has sleek lines, but the sofa provides a lot … Continued