Oyster Artifort Pierre Paulin
Oyster model F157 – Artifort – Pierre Paulin

Article number 7435 Oyster model F157 designed by Pierre Paulin in 1958 for Artifort (the Netherlands). This chair is a true Dutch Design Classic. The metal legs are slightly slanted, the curved plywood seating seems to float above these legs. … Continued

Groeten uit Holland stoel Rob Eckhart Dutch Originals
Groeten uit Holland chair – Rob Eckhart – Pastoe

Article number 7498 Groeten uit Holland chair (Greetings from Holland) designed by Rob Eckhardt in 1983 and produced by Pastoe (the Netherlands). Iconic Dutch design; an asymmetrically designed chaise longue that refers to the shape of a tulip. And a … Continued

Plexola vloerlamp Ingo Maurer Design M zwart metalen kap plexiglas buis
Ingo Maurer – Plexola floor lamp – Design M

Article number 7454 Ingo Maurer floor lamp Plexola, designed in 1977 and made by Design M. This lamp appears to burn without wiring. Something that was not thought possible in that era. But there are three very fine, almost invisible … Continued

Zyklus fauteuil met hocker – Peter Maly – Cor
Postmodern chair Zyklus by Peter Maly – Cor

Article number 7486 Postmodern chair Zyklus by Peter Maly is a post modern design easy chair with an ottoman/hocker. Designed by Peter Maly for Cor (Germany). All parts of this design are derived from a circle. You can easily move … Continued

Set zwart leren eetkamerstoelen model Linda Arrben Italie
Arrben – Set dining chairs model Linda

Article number 7477 Arrben, set of four black leather and chromium dining chairs – model Linda. This elegant postmodern 80s design is in really good condition with one small spot on the chromium of one of the chairs. The chair … Continued

Oranje wit glazen hanglamp
Orange white glass Space Age pendant – attr to Peill and Putzler

Article number 7458 Orange and white glass Spage Age pendant, atrributed to Peill and Putzler. This lamp is a beauty by its shape but it gives a really warm touch to the room when the orange glass is lit. This … Continued

dubbelzijdig Bureau teak Hulmefa Tijsseling 2 ladenblokken
Hulmefa desk – Tijsseling

Article number 7489 Hulmefa desk. Beautiful Dutch design. Tijsseling created this unique desk for Hulmefa in the 50s. This desk is special because of the beautiful organic details such as the table top, the legs and the beautiful handles. Undoubtedly … Continued

dining chairs Magis Deja-vu Fukasawa aluminum
Set dining chairs – Deja-vu by Fukasawa for Magis S.P.A.

Article number Set of 5 dining room chairs – model Deja-vu by Fukasawa. Naoto Fukasawa designed this model for Magis S.P.A. Italy. Fukasawa is a renowned Japanese industrial designer, known for his minimalist and functional designs. These five chairs; Deja-vu … Continued

Einar Backström pendant
Einar Backström – Metal pendant with glass – Swedish Design

Article number 7471 Einar Backström designed this beautiful 60s hanging lamp. It is made of a metal tube and cast glass. This pendant provides a magical space age light, the glass squares will light up magically. But this Einar Backström … Continued

Kyte vlieger tafel Castelijn Straven dutch design
Kite Table – Castelijn – Louk Straver

Article number 7470 Kite Table from the Dutch company Castelijn, designed in 1981 by Louk Straver. This beautiful Kite Table can be used as a desk, a conference table or a dining table. Whatever the purpose or location, this 80s … Continued

Eames Segmented Tables Dining
Eames segmented table – Vitra

Article number 7459 Large Eames segmented table, designed by Charles and Ray Eames in the 60s and produced by Vitra. The well-known base of this table has chrome legs and the table has a wooden top. The barrel-shaped table top, … Continued

tafel grijs zwart rond hoek castelijn th1
Castelijn 80s table

Article number 7436 Playful 80s table from Castelijn, the Netherlands. This table has a round, plastic-laminated top, with a connecting top with three straight sides made of a different plastic. The legs are also different; a round curved plate on … Continued