Cees Braakman

Cees Braakman is one of the best known Dutch Designers. He was born in 1917, above the Pastoe factory in Utrecht. At the age of 17 he started working for Pastoe. After World War II, he went on a study trip to the US. There he became inspired by the work of Charles and Ray Eames and the Herman Miller Company. After his trip, Braakman started experimenting at Pastoe with techniques that he saw at Herman Miller, such as using bended plywood. In the early 50s, Braakman designed the birch series with loop legs (made of bended plywood) and later in the 50s Braakman designed a wire chair inspired by the Wire Chair (1951) by Charles and Ray Eames.

In the 50s and 60s, Cees Braakman emphasized on modular furniture. In 1955 Pastoe launched Braakman’s custom cabinets, called Made-to-Measure. One could choose different types of wood and designs and assemble the cabinets at home. In 1957 the Made-to-Measure furniture system won a medal at the Milan Triennale. In 1958 Braakman introduced the more formal, equally sleek U+N cabinet series.

Well-known designs by Cees Braakman are the Japanese series, in which black metal legs and sleek black plastic handles are combined with wood. Dining room chairs made of plywood and the beautiful Mobilo trolley (Model PE03) from 1953. The Mobilo by Cees Braakman is part of the collection of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.
Cees Braakman died in 1995, in Utrecht.

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pastoe kast made to measure ontworpen door cees Braakman in de jaren 50
Pastoe Made to Measure – C. Braakman – Pastoe

Article number 7351 Spacious Pastoe Made to Measure cabinet, designed by Cees Braakman for Pastoe in the late 60s. Made to Meassure was a modular system, where the buyer chose the cabinets, legs, back wall and handles. The connecting pieces … Continued

Set Pastoe stoelen FT30 - Cees Braakman
Set Pastoe chairs FT30 – Cees Braakman

Article number Professionally restored and reupholstered set of dining room chairs FT30 – designed by Cees Braakman in the 50s for Pastoe, the Netherlands. These chairs have many beautiful details; such as short cow horn-like armrests, a round backrest with … Continued

kasten Qbus – Pastoe – C. Braakman
8 cabinets Q-bus – Pastoe – C. Braakman

Article number 7156 System of modular Q-bus cabinets designed by Cees Braakman for Pastoe in the 60s. This Q-bus system consists of 8 cubes. 6 of these Q-bus cubes have drawers, 1 Q-bus cube has a door and 1 Q-bus … Continued

Pastoe kast - Cees Braakman made to measure
Pastoe cabinet “Made to measure” – Cees Braakman

Article number 7098 Large teak cabinet from the Pastoe “Made to Measure” collection. Cees Braakman created the Made to Measure line in the 60s. Behind the two doors of this cabinet, there is plenty of storage space. It has four … Continued

3 kasten Qbus - Pastoe - C. Braakman
3 cabinets Qbus – Pastoe – C. Braakman

Article number 7019 System of modular Q-bus cabinets designed by Cees Braakman for Pastoe in the 60s. This Q-bus system is has 3 cubes, all with drawers. With the right plugs, the system may be connected to one another with … Continued

Made to measure kast braakman pastoe
Made to measure cabinet – Cees Braakman – Pastoe

Article number 5775 Vintage Pastoe cabinet designed by Cees Braakman in 1955 for Pastoe. This design is part of the Made to Measure series and is made of teak. Characteristic for this Mid Century Modern series are the connections between … Continued