Wandkast teak royal system cado cadovius
Wall system – Cado – Poul Cadovius

Article number 7171d Beautiful modular floating shelving system called Royal System designed by Poul Cadovius in 1948 and produced by his own company Cado, Denmark. This wall system by Cadovius is a fine example of Mid Century Modern Danish Design. … Continued

wandkast Royal system Poul cadovius Cado klepkast
Wall system Royal system – P. Cadovius – Cado

Article number 7171c Famous Mid Century Modern wall system designed by Poul Cadovius and produced by Cado (Denmark). This wall set contains a beautiful large valve cabinet with shelves inside and two separate shelves. The Royal System is modular, so … Continued

Wandkast Poul cadovius voor Cado denemarken
Wall system – Royal system – Poul Cadovius

Article number 7171a Mid Century Modern wall system designed by Poul Cadovius and produced by Cado (Denmark). This wall set includes a rare sideboard with two sliding doors and on the right side three cute drawers, three long wall mounts … Continued

kasten Qbus – Pastoe – C. Braakman
8 cabinets Q-bus – Pastoe – C. Braakman

Article number 7156 System of modular Q-bus cabinets designed by Cees Braakman for Pastoe in the 60s. This Q-bus system consists of 8 cubes. 6 of these Q-bus cubes have drawers, 1 Q-bus cube has a door and 1 Q-bus … Continued

Tomado pocket D. Dekker
Wall system – Pocket series – Tomado

Article number 7107 Colorful modular wall system from the ‘Pocket Series’ by Tomado, the Netherlands. This modular wall system was called the ‘Pocket series’ to store small (pocket) books. The small metal shelves match very well with the black metal … Continued

Pilastro standing bookcase
Room Divider or Book case -Tjerk Reijenga for Pilastro

Article number 7036 Minimalistic black metal wired book case with 3 metal wired shelves, by Pilastro (the Netherlands). This transparant design by Tjerk Reijenga is skilfully constructed in metal, in a minimalistic, industrial style. This book case will suit any … Continued