pilastro wandsysteem metalen planken kleurrijk tjerk reijenga dutch design
Pilastro wall system – Tjerk Reijenga

Article number 7531 Pilastro wall system with colored metal shelves. Designed by Tjerk Reijenga in the 1950s for Pilastro. Optionally expandable with this wall system Reijenga’s designs for Pilastro are known for their simplicity and functionality, often using vibrant colors … Continued

Pastoe Amsterdammer met Pilastro en Ben chair Artifort
Pastoe cabinet – Amsterdammer – Aldo van de Nieuwelaar

Article number 7580 Small Pastoe cabinet (height is 1 meter), the famous “Amsterdammer.” Designed by Aldo van den Nieuwelaar in the 1980s. The roll-up door slides up easily, and the middle shelf is height adjustable. We have 4 cabinets in … Continued

Wandkast modulair palissander Deens
Modular wall system – Rosewood

Article number 7568 Exclusive modular wall cabinet, likely of Danish origin. What makes this cabinet special is the use of Rosewood, a rare type of wood that is now protected and from which furniture is rarely made. Rosewood is known … Continued

Pilastro veelkleurig metalen wandsysteem Tjerk Reijenga dutch design
Pilastro wall system

Article number 7527 Pilastro modular wall system from the 50s. This multicolored metal wall system was designed by Tjerk Reijenga for Pilastro (the Netherlands). It was regarded as a very modern piece of furniture. And it still is! A beautiful … Continued

Hangend dressoir - H. Brüning - Behr
XL floating sideboard model 1730 – Horst Brüning – Behr

Article number 7326 Sleek, floating, large sideboard – model 1730 designed by Horst Brüning (Germany) for Behr in 1967. This XL floating sideboard has three aluminum sliding doors and a white laminated ‘corpus’. An innovative and modern design that still … Continued

Tomado pocket D. Dekker
Wall system – Pocket series – Tomado

Article number 7107 Colorful modular wall system from the ‘Pocket Series’ by Tomado, the Netherlands. This modular wall system was called the ‘Pocket series’ to store small (pocket) books. The small metal shelves match very well with the black metal … Continued