The Danish furniture designer Poul Cadovius was born in Frederiksberg (Denmark) in 1911.

In 1945 he founded the furniture production company Royal System. Shortly afterwards he got the idea to design a modular wall system, the famous Royal system. This wall system won the gold medal at the Finland Furniture Fair in 1950 and the silver medal at the XI Triennale di Milano 1957 and remains popular to this day.

In the mid-1960s he bought the famous furniture maker France & Son and renamed it CADO. However, he also continued to design France & Son and collaborated with the cream of the crop in Danish design; Grete Jalk, Arne Vodder and Finn Juhl. CADO closed its doors in the 1970s.

Although the Royal System was his most important contribution to Danish modernism, Cadovius registered more than 400 patents (including System Ultra and System Abstracta) during his long career.

Poul Cadovius died in 2011 at the age of 99.

See here some of our items by van Poul Cadovius:

royal system cado cadovius 2 wandlatten witte klepkast modulair deens
Royal System with white drop down cabinet

Article number 7469 Royal System with white flap door cabinet, designed by Poul Cadovius in the late 40s and produced by his factory Cado. The wall System is modular; you can hang shelves and cubinets between the wall mounts at … Continued

Royal system wandkast Cado Poul cadovius teak
Royal system – Cado – wall cabinet

Article number 7466 Special wall system by Poul Cadovius from his Royal System series, made for Cado (Denmark). The Royal System is a modular wall system designed by Cadovius in 1948. You can places the shelves and the cabinet at … Continued

Royal Wall system Cado poul cadovius teak modulair
Modular teak Royal System wall system – Cado – P. Cadovius

Article number 7465 Modular teak Royal System wall system from Poul Cadovius, with long black wall slats. The Royal System is timeless elegance and functional design. This Cadvoius modular wall system has been designed with attention to detail and can … Continued

Royal system Poul cadovius wall system modular
Danish Royal System wall system – P. Cadovius

Article number 7464 Cadovius Royal system, timeless elegance and functional design, but also innovation and classic craftsmanship. The Cadovius Royal System is designed with attention to detail and can be configured to suit everyone’s unique needs as it is modular. … Continued

Wandkast teak royal system cado cadovius
Wall system – Cado – Poul Cadovius

Article number 7171d Beautiful modular floating shelving system called Royal System designed by Poul Cadovius in 1948 and produced by his own company Cado, Denmark. This wall system by Cadovius is a fine example of Mid Century Modern Danish Design. … Continued

Deense wandkast Poul Cadovius Royal system Cado
Wall system – Poul Cadovius – Royal System – Cado

Article number 7171b Royal System designed by Poul Cadovius in 1948 and produced by his own company Cado, Denmark. This particular modular system has a really handy set of drawers and three shelfs. The top drawer has different departments for … Continued