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Light gray sofabed br02.7 – Martin Visser – ‘t Spectrum


Article number 7397
Discover the versatile sofa bed by Martin Visser. This sofa bed model br02.7 was designed by Visser in the early 60s for Spectrum and is the perfect combination of style and functionality. This timeless design classic offers comfortable seating during the day and effortlessly transforms into a comfortable bed for the night with a simple hand movement. With an eye for detail and high-quality materials, the Martin Visser sofa bed is a showpiece in any interior. Experience the ultimate convenience and elegant aesthetic of this iconic sofa bed.

This br02.7 sofa bed has new HR foam and has been professionally reupholstered with a beautiful wool fabric from Kvadrat: the Tonica 2 – 111. This mixed light gray wool fabric fits perfectly with the sleek design of the br02.7 sofa bed. The ba02 armrest is covered with the same Kvadrat fabric.
The price includes the armrest ba02.

Martin Visser (1922-2009) was a Dutch designer and architect, whose work has had a lasting influence on the world of design. He is best known for his timeless furniture designs, which are characterized by their simplicity, functionality and clean lines.

Visser’s most famous design is probably the br02 sofa bed, which is still considered a design classic. His furniture is praised for its versatility and ability to adapt to different interior styles.

A visionary in his field, Martin Visser has left a lasting legacy and his designs continue to inspire and fascinate people even after his passing. His work is still in demand and admired by design enthusiasts around the world.

190 x 80 x 67 cm (lxdxh)
Seating height: 37 cm

Period 60s

Designer Martin Visser

Manufacturer ‘t Spectrum, The Netherlands

Wool – Kvadrat Tonica 2 – 111

Condition Good condition; reupholstered

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