Groene artifort C683 3 zitsbank Kho Liang Ie voor Artifort
Green Artifort sofa C683 – Kho Liang Ie

Article number 7512 The C683 sofa, a classic example of Dutch design, was designed in 1968 by Kho Liang Ie for Artifort (the Netherlands). The sofa C683 is a comfortable relax sofa due to the slanted angle of the frame … Continued

Tafel castelijn TH001 zwart wit chromen poten Dutch design
Castelijn table black and white – model TH001

Article number 7533 Playful 80s table from Castelijn, the Netherlands. This table has a round, plastic-laminated top, with a connecting top with three straight sides made of a different plastic. The legs are also different; a round curved plate on … Continued

Girotonda lounge stoel met verrijdbaar voetenbankje of tafeltje Adele C (Cassina) Francesco Binfaré italiaans zwart leren bekleding
Black leather Girotonda – Francesco Binfaré – Adele C (Cassina)

Article number 7485 ON HOLD Girotonda – a black leather post modern lounge chair by Francesco Binfaré (Italy). Binfaré had been creative director at Cassina and after this he designed this chair for Adele C. This playful chair is not … Continued

Visser slaapbank br03 Spectrum zwart metalen frame inclusief kussen
Sofa bed br03 – ‘t Spectrum – Martin Visser

Article number 7473 Martin Visser sofa bed br03 produced by ‘t Spectrum. With new hr foam and also new upholstery. The sofabed has a square, black metal frame. And you can turn this sofa into a bed, by simply pulling … Continued

Rohe stoeltje riet dirck van Sliedrecht
Rohe rattan dining chair

Article number 7060 Rohe rattan dining chair made from tubalar black metal which is the frame, a rattan woven seating and a rattan woven backrest. This Rohe rattan dining chair is a true Dutch Midcentury piece of furniture. It is … Continued

Dressboy Wim Rietveld auping dutch design
Dressboy chair Rietveld – Auping

Article number 5292 Dressboy chair Rietveld for Auping. Wim Rietveld designed this true Midcentury Modern Dutch piece of furniture in the 50s for Auping, also Dutch. The dressboy chair is made of tubular metal and has a plywood, lacquered seating … Continued

Set van 2 Castelijn paarse stoelen model Sla
Castelijn chairs model Sla

Article number 7377 ON HOLD Castelijn chairs. Set of two post modern design chairs from the 80s made by Castelijn (the Netherlands). This chair is made of black, skinny metal legs, a purple/blue leather seat and backrest. These Castelijn chairs … Continued

Uitschuifbare tafel zwart grijs jaren 80
Extendable 80s table -attr. to Castelijn

Article number 7478 Extendable 80s table, attributed to Castelijn (the Netherlands). This extremely rare table has a dark grey and black HPL table top that seems to float. It is made of two tops, that can slide apart. If you … Continued

eetkamer tafel bureau uitklapbaar zwart grijs
Postmodern dining room table – attr to Castelijn

Article number 7481 Postmodern dining room table designed in the 80s. With playful legs on one side and a folding top on the other side. You can turn this table into a really large dining room table or conference table. … Continued

Martin Visser slaapbank BR03 met armleuning nieuw gestoffeerd Kvadrat Hallingdal Perla
Martin Visser sofabed br03 – ‘t Spectrum

Article number 7441 Martin Visser sofabed br03 produced by ‘t Spectrum. With new hr foam and also new upholstery. We’ve choosen the woolen fabric by Kvadrat from the Perla 2.2 series. This fabric is designed by the Dutch artist Frans … Continued

Appelgroene Walter Knoll fauteuil model 369
Walter Knoll model 369 – green

Article number 5916 Walter Knoll model 369 chair newly upholsterd with a green woolen fabric from Kvadrat from the Divina MD series. A warm and welcoming fabric. But due to the color, it adds playfulness to a playfull design. The … Continued

Directeursbureau groot George Nelson Herman Miller palisander
George Nelson – Miller – Executive Desk from the 9000 series

Article number 7457 George Nelson – Miller unique L-shaped executive desk. This desk, which has an attached sideboard, is part of Herman Miller’s 9000 Series. The desk features cupboards, drawers, and a ton of storage space. A glass tray can … Continued