Set van 4 barkrukken Dirk van Sliedregt voor Rohé
Set of 4 stools – Dirk van Sliedregt – Rohé

Article number 5632 Four Dirk van Sliedregt Dutch Design stools. These chic stool with woven rattan seats are produced by Rohé (the Netherlands). An iconic creation in the 60s by Rohé Noordwolde. The sleek chrome base contrasts beautifully with the … Continued

Pilastro wandsysteem - T. Reijenga
Pilastro wall system – T. Reijenga – Dutch Design

Article number 7165 Colorful, modular wall system designed by Tjerk Reijenga (the Netherlands) for Pilastro in the early 50s. The Pilastro wall system has metal shelves and is a fine example of Dutch Mid Century Modern Design. This wall rack … Continued

West Germany vaas 423-28 Scheurich
West Germany vase 423-28 Scheurich

Article number 7202 70s vase with one handle by Scheurich West Germany. The vase is marked 423-28. The first part of this number is the model of the vase, the second part is the height. A beautiful West Germany vase, … Continued

West Germany vaas 261-42
West Germany vase 261-42 – Scheurich

Article number 7008 A beautiful turquoise and dark blue colored vase, model 261 by Scheurich West Germany. The decor is called Prisma. The height of this West Germany vase is 42 cm. A true eyecatcher in the room, with or … Continued

wandkast met laden en planken teak
Danish Wall system with drawers and shelves

Article number 7184 Beautiful Danish modular wall system. A system that resembles the Royal System by Poul Cadovius or the wall system that Louis van Teeffelen designed for Wébé. However, this wall system is different. This set has a beautiful … Continued

Thomson radio/cassette recorder - Don O
Thomson Don O radio cassette player – Crasset and Philip Starck

Article number c1029 The Don O radio cassette player was designed by Matali Crasset under the art direction of Philip Starck. A design included in the Center Pompidou collection! This beautiful 90s design radio has FM, LW and MWW, plays … Continued

Orrefors glass vase
Glass vase – Orrefors Glassworks – Erika Lagerbielke

Article number 7201 Elegant, transparent Orrefors vase designed by Erika Lagerbielke. This beautifully designed vase from Orrefors is light in design but is made of heavy thick glass. This small vase (height 21 cm) is signed and numbered by Orrefors: … Continued

Deens teak bureau
Teak danish desk Erik Brouer

Article number 7183 Erik Brouer designed this lovely teak desk in the 60s, and it was made in Denmark at his company, Brouer Mobelfabrik. This classy Danish Design desk has a rear bookshelf in addition to a drawer unit on … Continued

Wandkast teak royal system cado cadovius
Wall system – Cado – Poul Cadovius

Article number 7171d Beautiful modular floating shelving system called Royal System designed by Poul Cadovius in 1948 and produced by his own company Cado, Denmark. This wall system by Cadovius is a fine example of Mid Century Modern Danish Design. … Continued

Uitschuifbare tafel Webe afgeronde hoeken teak
Extendable teak dining table – Wébé

Article number 7185 Beautiful 60s teak dining room table that you can enlarge by Wébé (the Netherlands). If you slide the two parts of the table top apart, you can fold out a third part. This makes the table top … Continued

Bijzettafel - Gijs van der Sluis
Side table – Gijs van der Sluis

Article number 7178b Side table or small coffee table designed by Gijs van der Sluis (the Netherlands) in the early 60s. This table fits in perfect with to the model 36 chairs by Van der Sluis and has the same … Continued

Lounge stoel Model 36 - G. van der Sluis
Lounge chair Model 36 – G. van der Sluis

Article number 7178a A beautiful Dutch Design chair – model 36 – by Gijs van der Sluis. Designed in the 60s. So it is a true example of Dutch Mid Century Modern. Using modern materials such as metal, with a … Continued