Wall coat rack Mathieu Mategot Artimeta Soest black
Wall coat rack – Mathieu Mategot – Artimeta Soest

Article number 7528 The wall coat rack by Mathieu Mategot for Artimeta Soest is an iconic piece of furniture from the 1950s. The sleek, minimalist design with perforated metal is characteristic of Mategot’s work and gives the coat rack a … Continued

President stoel Gispen model 358P Christoffel Hoffmann kantelmechanisme wieltjes
President chair 358P – Gispen – Ch. Hoffman

Article number 7508 Step back in time with the Vintage 358P President office chair, manufactured by Gispen and designed by Christoffel Hoffmann. This iconic chair is equipped with a tilting mechanism that allows you to adjust the backward tilt pressure … Continued

Gispen kast Model 5600 Cordemeyer and Holleman modulair met klepkast, laden en glazen schuifdeurtjes
Gispen cabinet Model 5600- Cordemeyer and Holleman

Article number 7522 The Gispen cabinet model 5600, designed by Cordemeyer and Holleman, is a refined blend of functionality and aesthetics. Crafted from durable metal, this modular cabinet design not only offers a sturdy storage solution but also an elegant … Continued

Vierkant glazen salontafel Artifort Kho Liang Ie Dutch Design
Glass Coffee table – Artifort – Kho Liang Ie

Article number 7556 Glass Square Coffee Table with rounded glass. This coffee table combines clear glass with extruded and anodized aluminum, resulting in a sleek yet elegant design. The playful design element of the notches in the legs adds a … Continued

Metaform glazen salontafel met RVS frame ontworpen door Hank Kwint
Metaform M1 coffee table – Hank Kwint

Article number 7540 The Coffee Table Model M1, designed by Hank Kwint and manufactured by Metaform, offers a perfect balance of style and functionality for your living space. The standout feature of the Coffee Table Model M1 is its transparency. … Continued

Slaapbank oker Rob Parry voor Gelderland nieuw gestoffeerd
Sofa bed – Gelderland – Rob Parry

Article number 7491 Discover the versatility and timeless elegance of this Gelderland sofa bed, designed by Dutch designer Rob Parry. With just one hand movement, this sofa effortlessly transforms into a comfortable bed. Fully restored, featuring new ocher upholstery and … Continued

Oranje glazen hanglamp Raak B 1202 Dutch design Space Age
Orange glass pendant – Raak B1202

Article number 7524 Orange glass pendant lamp Raak B 1202, an example of Dutch design from the Space Age era. With its characteristic orange glass and a white interior, the light is filtered in a unique way. The result? A … Continued

Mintgroene Ben chair Pierre Paulin Artifort
Blue green Ben chair – Pierre Paulin – Artifort

Article number 7514 The Ben chair is a stylish and comfortable chair for any contemporary space designed in 1991. This designer chair by Pierre Paulin for Artifort boasts sleek lines and ergonomic curves, making it a sophisticated addition to any … Continued

Stoel model 514 Dirk van Sliedrecht Gebroeders Jonkers Dutch design
Chair – Dirk van Sliedregt – Gebr. Jonkers

Article number 7521 ON HOLD Discover the perfect blend of style and comfort with chair model 514, designed by Dirk van Sliedregt and crafted by the Gebroeders Jonkers. This exquisite chair epitomizes Dutch Design at its finest, boasting a timeless … Continued

Pilastro veelkleurig metalen wandsysteem Tjerk Reijenga dutch design
Pilastro wall system

Article number 7527 Pilastro modular wall system from the 50s. This multicolored metal wall system was designed by Tjerk Reijenga for Pilastro (the Netherlands). It was regarded as a very modern piece of furniture. And it still is! A beautiful … Continued

wandsysteem modulair tomado pocket dutch design Dekker
2 sets Tomado pocket serie – A. Dekker

Article number 7523 Tomado pocket series. Colorful modular wall system from the ‘Pocket Series’ by Tomado, the Netherlands. This modular wall system was called the ‘Pocket series’ to store small (pocket) books. The small metal shelves match very well with … Continued

Trolley wit metalen buisframe nieuw gespoten met 2 glazen platen en zwenkwielen
Trolley with 2 glass shelves

Article number 7417 This industrial trolley with 2 glass shelves is the ideal item to show off your plant collection or any collection for that matter. Fits nicely into any industrial, vintage or modern interior. Dimensions 71 x 54 x … Continued