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Leather Leolux lounge 2 seater sofa


Article number 7432
Dark brown leather sofa, two-seater, from Leolux with wooden legs. 70s design. The cushions are luxurious, soft and the dark brown leather is of beautiful quality. This bench is marked with a Leolux label.
We also have the matching brown leather Leolux armchair in our collection, which you can find here.

During the 70s, Leolux, the Dutch furniture manufacturer, found itself at the intersection of design innovation and comfort. Leolux’s furniture from the 70s was characterized by a fusion of modernist aesthetics and ergonomic sensibilities. The crafted sofas and chairs not only looked stylish but also offered comfort and functionality. Iconic pieces from this decade often featured clean lines, organic shapes, and the use of high-quality materials, showcasing Leolux’s dedication to creating enduring and timeless furniture.

In the 80s, Leolux entered a new era of design boldness. Building on its success from the previous decade, the company pushed boundaries further and became synonymous with avant-garde furniture. Their furniture collections stood out with daring shapes and bold upholstery choices, embodying the spirit of the era. Notably, Leolux continued to innovate. This innovative approach ensured that Leolux remained a trendsetter in ergonomic design and cemented its position as a global leader in contemporary furniture.

166 x 90 x 70 cm (lxdxh)
Seating height: 37 cm



Manufacturer Leolux, The Netherlands

Wooden legs

Condition Good vintage condition; some light colored spots on the leather (see photo) but overall in good condition

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